Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned is a known concept in project management. One can collect knowledge or understanding gained by experiences for personal reflection and future reference. Articles in this category will contain a short overview about things I have learned or experienced in the past month.

This is what I learned and experienced in December 2018:


  • In this month I prepared and hold my first workshop about Git (together with Dmitrij Drandarov). It dealt with a mix of its basics, best practices and common problems to preferably meet the expectations of every attendee. The best part of it was the lively conversation with the highly interested audience about the topic! I really learned a lot from every aspect of the workshop and I am very happy for the trust the company I work at put in Dmitrij and me doing something like this on our own. One of my future articles will definitely be about this topic.

  • With this I also added a new topic (“Git - basics, best practices and common problems”) to the list of my possible talks. :)


  • Through an opportunity at the company I work at, I attended a driving safety training at Hammerstein Park to learn how to react and drive in special situations best. There were a lot of practical exercises and useful tips which will definitely help me in some dangerous situations from now on. I highly recommend this training! 🚗

  • The 35C3 is a very popular hacker conference in Germany - and this year I was there with Dmitrij, too! 🐱‍💻 It’s a very special conference and can’t really be compared to other conferences. The C3 is like a colorful mix of highly important and interesting topics, really cool workshops, skilled hacking creatures, loads of creative minds and a somewhat obscure scene with tons of LED lights in it. I will write an article about what I have experienced there in more detail.